please, humble me...

I am a argentine woman of 30 years and truly believe in the absolute superiority of Men over women. I think that my Man has the right to use me as He please, to punish me with or without reason and I constantly beg Him that humble me in all possible way so that I don't ever forget that my place is under the sole of His shoes...
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May we see pics of you ????


Yes, you can see my picture on the side bar of my other blog:


Why not me?


More pics Here

Definitely jealous



You’re gonna limp home slut

Lucky girl


Fight. Oh come now, fight harder. Let me feel the tremble of your lips as you hiss against my leather clad hand. Uh uh uh. No biting. If you dare to use your teeth I may just have to pull the cattle prod out and you wouldn’t want that, or would you? 
Maybe that is exactly what you want. This was, after all, your idea. Just two months ago you sat in front of me as you licked your lips, reciting in full detail your fantasy of being abducted, of having your safe word removed, giving all control over to me. 
How delightful it was to watch your chest rapidly rise and fall as you proceeded to describe your desires, encouraging  you to tell me, time and time again, how much you wanted just this.
And look at you now? Bound. Helpless. Shivering in both fear and erotic trepidation. You have no idea what you are about to endure or how long this torture will last. In fact you know nothing except the sound of my voice, everything else is foreign and forever will be. When this time ends you will walk away never knowing who was there, who used you. You will never know the location of your torment and months from now as we drive through the city you will look at all the buildings wondering if that was where I took you. 
How I will delight as your forehead crinkles in wonder and worry, pondering if our little excursion is merely a ruse, if I have planned yet another kidnapping. Your constant state of panic will fuel me, feeding the sinister monster who lurks just under the calculated surface.
Ah, enough of that though.  We will have a lifetime to wonder all the glorious possibilities of how this will affect you. Right now I want to hurt you. I want to hear your screams, delight in every twitch and spasm of your body as I push you over your threshold. As I drive you nearly insane. 

Oh my god. -fidgetfidget-

Now you know what a fucking slut looks like.

After the seventh guy who used her holes she faded away….no more thoughts, emotions, feelings…just serve man as fuckmeat, pleasure them with her cunt, ass and mouth…now she fully understand her place and purpose in life….

“Quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos” ― Pablo Neruda


Don’t dare to ask for foreplay again whore….

Sweet Caress from Daddy